Zilla Double Stud Flashing Assembly (3PC) Mill Finish


Zilla Double Stud Flashing Assembly (3PC) Mill Finish
Model # ZDSFA-15 AL

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Zilla® Double Stud Flashing Assembly is the strongest watertight flashing on the market today for composition/asphalt shingle roofs providing industry professionals with flexibility and dependability in the field.

Strong – the unique design of the Zilla® Base Plate has a laboratory tested withdrawal strength of 5,240 lbs. with standard two point installation using 5/16”-18 lag bolt in Douglas Fir.

Versatile – simple two point or four point installation is compatible with a variety of mounting components and universal attachments for both PV and thermal installations.

Superior – the low profile innovative design of the Zilla® Double Stud features a metal-to-metal compression zone that secures and protects the Encapsulated Gland Washer to create a complete water tight seal. With no exposed rubber or threads, the Zilla® Double Stud Flashing provides maximum strength and water protection

Zilla® Double Stud Flashing Assembly available in Mill finish (ZDSFA-15 AL) and Black (ZDSFA-15 AL BLK).

ZDSFA-15 AL SS Stud, Aluminum Nut, Aluminum Flashing, Galvanized Base Plate 15″L x 9-7/8″W x 7/8″H 0.57 lbs. Silver


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