Quickmount Composition Roof Flashing (Mill Finish)


Quickmount Composition Roof Flashing (Mill Finish)
Model # QMSC PA 12A

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QuickMount PV Flashing


The recognized standard for 100% code-compliant, watertight roof mounts

  • All-aluminum, full-sized flashing with stainless steel hardware
  • Installs faster than any other flashed solar PV mounting
  • Works with all standard racking systems
  • Made in USA

Our best-selling roof mounts use our patented technology to form the easiest, fastest, most universally code-compliant watertight mount available for composition roofs. The Composition Roof Mount is backed by solid engineering and certified by the ICC (International Code Council).

There’s no need for trimming shingles to force a fit. Drill one pilot hole into the rafter, backfill it with appropriate sealant, slide the Quick Mount flashing beneath the felt in the course above, drive the bolt home, and it’s done.

The 12 x 12-inch Composition Mount flashing is designed to fit within a standard 5 to 5.5″ course and the exposed course should be no greater than 5.75″. If the exposure is greater than this, use the Shake Mount as an alternative. There’s no shingle cutting and no shingle distortion caused by trying to force a fit. Just a permanent, watertight mount every time!

PV, Solar Hot Water, and More

The Quick Mount PV Composition Roof Mount is the logical choice not only for solar PV installation, but also for rooftop solar hot water systems. In fact, whatever you need to fasten to a composition roof – HVAC equipment, antennas, satellite dishes – use Quick Mount PV to secure and protect every roof installation you put your name on.


  • ICC certified
  • One bolt installation
  • No shingle cutting
  • 100% IBC, UBC compliant
  • Meets or exceeds all NRCA standards and practices
  • All aluminum flashing and mount
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • 50 year life
  • Works with all leading racks

Available Finishes: Clear anodized and Bronze Anodized


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