Multi-Contact MC4 Male Connector


Multi-Contact MC4 Male Connector
Model # 32.0014P0001-UR

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Product note *

This connector requires the use of the Multi-Contact MC4 or Rennsteig MC4 Crimp Tool for assembly. Purchaser assumes all liability for any connection made using alternate methods.
Safety note *

Plug connectors that are not made by MC but can be mated with MC elements and are sometimes also described by their manufacturers as “MC compatible”, do not conform to the requirements for a safe electrical connection with long-term stability and for safety reasons may not be plugged together with MC elements. We therefore accept no liability if these connectors which are not approved by MC are mated with MC elements.

Product specifications:

Cable Cross Section) 4-6 mm2

Cable Outer Diameter) 3-6mm

Rated Current)

4 mm

2: 30 A1) / 39 A2)

6 mm

2: 30 A1) / 45 A2

Rated Voltage)

1500 VDC (IEC) 1)

1000 VDC (IEC)

600V/1000 VDC (UL)


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