Amphenol H4 Crimp Tool


Amphenol H4 Crimp Tool
Model # H4TC0001

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Amphenol H4TC0001 – Crimping tool with built-in positioner crimping insert for solid contacts

This crimp tool is a precision instrument specifically designed to crimp the following listed Amphenol Contacts: Helios H4 Solar Connectors: 2.5mm(AWG14) 4.0mm(AWG12) 6.0mm(AWG10). Handle it carefully, do not drop or use for any unintended purpose. Keep crimper lightly oiled with a light machine oil. Keep crimp cavities clean and free of debris, wire clippings, etc. Crimp tool and crimp dies are prone to wear. Check quality of crimp periodically. Tool and die wear can be compensated by removing the lock screw and turning the adjuster counter-clockwise.

Crimp process –┬áSolid contacts

When you insert striped cable into contact barrel, always insure all conductor strands are captured in the contact barrel and the conductors are visible in the inspection hole. See below pictures.

Pin solid contact Inspection hole Socket solid contact

Insert the contact into the corresponding crimping notch or locator (male or female) taking into account the cable size used.

Press the pliers gently together until the crimp lugs are properly located within the crimping die. Insert the stripped cable end until the insulation comes up against the crimp insert. Completely close the crimping pliers.

Amphenol specified crimp tool (H4TC0001) should be used in this step.



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